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On this page you will be able to view news items and articles that were published by Deverell Hall during 2023.

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1923 Deverell Hall - The history of our hall

First Published - 23rd November 2023

John Deverell - Lord of Farlington Manor

The history of Deverell Hall located in Purbrook, Waterlooville, goes way back in time over 100 years ago. Built in 1923, Deverell Hall is surrounded by interesting events of a time nearly long forgotten. It began with John Deverell who was the Lord of the Manor of Farlington.

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28th August 2023 - Public Access Defibrillator

First Published - 28th August 2023

Public access Defibrillator at Deverell Hall Purbrook

Deverell Hall in Purbrook is pleased to announce that we have now installed and activated a public access Defibrillator (otherwise also known as PAD or CPAD). In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, you would always call 999.

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6th August 2023 - Public Access Defibrillator

First Published - 4th August 2023

CPAD AED Defib at Deverell Hall Purbrook

Over the last few months, Deverell Hall has been looking at the options of installing a public access Defibrillator (otherwise also known as PAD or CPAD). These defibrillators (AEDs) are for treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

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1st August 2023 - 2024 Planning

First Published - 1st August 2023

Planning ahead for 2024

Deverell Hall is now starting to populate the bookings diary for the year 2024. All REGULAR HALL HIRERS will be entered onto the diary in the coming weeks.

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1st January 2023 - The year ahead

First Published - 1st January 2023

Planning ahead for 2023

The future looks bright and promising, despite the news that we watch every day. Yes 2023 will still prove to be a hard year for many of us, in very different ways.

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What's Happening

At Deverell Hall in Purbrook we host a wide range of regular groups who use the facilities. Here are just a selection of just a few of them.