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Deverell Hall Bookings have tried to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and help notes designed to give you as much information as possible. If there is anything that you are unsure about please contact us to discuss your question if it is not already listed on this page.

Commonly Asked Questions

There are 2 separate areas of hire at Deverell Hall. We have the MAIN HALL GROUND FLOOR area. This is the main hall area, with access to disabled toilets and baby changing unit, ladies and gents toilets. There is a small back room area laid to carpet, and access to the main kitchen area. The MAIN HALL HIRE includes the use of 80 blue plastic padded chairs, 30 conference style chairs, 14 large long tables and 10 small tables. There are water urns, and kettles, and a selection of general use crockery and cutlery.

The UPSTAIRS CONFERENCE ROOM is another separate area of hire. Access to this area is via a BACK DOOR at the rear of the building, and wide steps up to the room. There is a separate toilet, sink and again a selection of crockery and cutlery. There are 4 large conference tables in that room, with 30 conference style chairs.
Unfortunately you cannot. Although the kitchen and hall is of an excellent standard, it does not have the necessary licence for food preparation. However, you can prepare food elsewhere and bring it to the hall to serve to the people attending your particular function.
No this is not possible even though the bar may have its own independent licence. You can bring drinks for your guests, or they may bring their own drink, but you are not allowed to sell any alcohol and as the hirer, it would be your responsibility for any problems that may arise from the consumption of alcohol whilst at the premises.
No we do not have late evening parties with music because of the neighbouring properties.
Yes we have fibre optic high speed internet and Wi-Fi facilities available in the building.

Booking & Payments

We will provisionally book the hall for up to 48 hours, but if we do not hear back from you within that time, we will consider ourselves free to offer the date to someone else with no need to notify or remind you. Once we have sent the Bookings Forms, we would normally expect these back with your initial payment, within around 7 days. Whilst we do our best to keep up with everything, it is harder for us to contact many people, but easier for one of them to contact us.
If you are in agreement with the charge for your booking, the normal procedure is as follows -
You would be sent a Bookings Form which you would need to check through just to make sure that we have the right details, dates and times. This would normally be sent via email to your registered email address. You will be asked to pay 50% of your total hire charge and send back the form, signed and dated, with the initial 50% payment. Cheques should be made payable to:
DEVERELL HALL COMMITTEE or you can pay online. Please do not send cash through the post!

At least 14 days prior to your actual date booked you would then send us the remaining 50% balance payment (and if requested) a Security Damages Deposit on a separate cheque. If however your booking is only a few weeks after your enquiry, you will be asked then to pay the whole amount, as it will be likely that the booking will fall within the 14 day payment period.
No. Payments and Booking Forms must be sent to the Bookings Secretary as they need to be processed, and the payments passed onto the Treasurer. Your booking form will give you the postal address of the Bookings Secretary who is responsible for dealing with all the bookings. Please DO NOT send any payments to the post box at Deverell Hall, and all payments should be made by cheque, or online. PLEASE DO NOT send cash through the postal service. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.
This may or may not be asked of you. It will depend on the age group of the party or function, whether or not you have previously hired the hall, and other factors. Whether or not you do pay this amount (it is normally £65.00) you will still be liable for any damages caused whilst you are in the hall. Quoting from part of the Bookings Form:
SECTION (B) The returnable security deposit is your guarantee that you will leave the Hall in a reasonably clean condition, and may be used to cover any damages incurred during your period of hire. In each of the Halls available, there are notices reminding users of their obligations, and if necessary, you may be subject to additional costs, even if you have, or have not paid a returnable security deposit.
SECTION (C) IMPORTANT: As the hirer it is your responsibility to make sure your events are properly supervised and organised. Any damages that exceed your hire charge, security deposit paid or not paid, will be legally and fully recoverable. We wish your hire to go successfully, but you will be held fully accountable for losses and damages during your period of hire, without exception. These losses will also be subject to any administration charges that we incur.

Ground Floor Main Hall

The Main Hall Ground Floor area is constantly busy every weekday and weekday evening. Weekend regular hire also means limited availability. Ideally this hall is suitable for very small childrens parties, public events and table top sales. We DO NOT ALLOW evening parties, discos, or late night events.
The MAIN HALL is 9.5 metres wide and 16.5 metres to the front of the stage. Overall, the entire hall is licensed to hold a maximum of 150 persons at any one time.
All the tables are the same height
Large Long Tables GoPak Fold Down Contour Saxon Oak Colour with silver trim
Size: 1830mm x 685mm (6ft x 2ft)
Qty: 14

Small Short Tables GoPak Fold Down Contour Saxon Oak Colour with silver trim
Size: 915mm x 685mm (3ft x 2ft)
Qty: 15

Blue Plastic Padded Chairs
Qty: 80
The hall does not employ a full-time caretaker service. However, our cleaning team who also work as volunteers for the hall, will explain all about access, and make sure your hire goes smoothly.
Yes we do have a kitchen in the ground floor area where we have a selection of general use kettles, plates, saucers, cups, mugs and teaspoons. You need to supply your own tea, coffee, milk and sugar. We have a small larder fridge to keep milk and cold drinks cool. You can bring in your own food and nibbles, for example sandwiches, crisps, prepared food. However, you cannot cook and prepare food at the hall.
Yes we do have a stage area, however we do not allow groups or hirers just to use it. If you have a particular function that might require the use of the stage area, please tell us at the time of your booking enquiry.

Upstairs Conference Room

The Upstairs Conference Room is suitable for group meetings, writers groups, discussion groups or can be used for small public meetings. We DO NOT ALLOW bands, dance groups or exercise groups to use this room.
If you are hiring the UPSTAIRS ROOM then normal access is by its own external door at the rear of the building. A toilet is provided at the foot of the stairs, then this stairway leads to the UPSTAIRS CONFERENCE ROOM and there is a motorised stairlift for disabled access too. The stairs have been well designed for climbing and feature wide treads for safety.

The Upstairs Conference Room is carpeted, and has 4 large conference tables, with padded chairs and will hold approximately 25 to 30 persons.
The hall does not employ a full-time caretaker service. However, our cleaning team who also work as volunteers for the hall, will explain all about access, and make sure your hire goes smoothly.
No we do not have a projector screen. However the walls are painted in a light colour, and groups have used them like a projection screen. You're welcome to bring your own projector and screen if you wish.

What's Happening

At Deverell Hall in Purbrook we host a wide range of regular groups who use the facilities. Here are just a selection of just a few of them.