Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

On this page are the Terms and Conditions of hiring Deverell Hall. We have tried to simplify the terms and conditions where possible, and any previous terms and conditions of hire have now been replaced with this updated information. However, with us now living in a "Covid-19 World" we need to make sure that all hirers do their utmost to take safety precautions with not only their own safety in mind, but also respecting other hall users too.

Covid-19 SECURE Policy in place - To ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect people using the hall and its facilities, you will see amendments in the Booking Terms & Conditions with additional highligted comments like this one.

*PAGE Last Updated 3rd September 2023

When you hire the hall, you are agreeing to all these terms and conditions of hire, and may be subject to additional charges, so please make sure that you check this page for the latest information.

If you are unsure about anything please contact us so we may help you further. If you would like a printer friendly page we have provided one for you. Because the Deverell Hall is managed on a largely voluntary basis, the hall can only be maintained at its present high standard with the good will of its users. The hall is a recognised valuable asset of the community and so it is very important that the hall and its fittings are treated with respect. The hall is used continually during weekdays with many groups following each other, so it is important that all users leave the hall in as clean and as tidy a state as they would like to find it.

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Deverell Hall Booking Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all persons (or groups) hiring Deverell Hall, whether you are a REGULAR HIRER or CASUAL HIRER. If you are in doubt as to to the meaning of the following terms and conditions, please contact either the Bookings Secretary or the Secretary of the hall for any clarifications.

"Deverell Hall" shall mean the Deverell Hall Premises, or those parts of our Community Hall as stated on the Booking Form. There are 2 seperate areas of hire - the MAIN HALL GROUND FLOOR and the UPSTAIRS CONFERENCE ROOM;
"Premises" shall from hereafter include the hall, buildings, fixtures and fittings, doors, windows, outbuildings, outside grounds including front and rear car parking areas;
"Bookings Secretary" shall mean the appointed representative who deals with the day to day bookings and organisation of such;
"Secretary" shall mean the appointed representative who manages the communication (both written and verbal) and is responsible for recording material facts and information regarding the hall;
"Treasurer" shall mean the appointed representative who manages the day to day billing and payments regarding the hall;
"Hirer" shall mean an individual, user, or where the hirer is an organisation, group or club, the authorised representative;
"GDPR" shall mean General Data Protection Regulation which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.

These conditions prohibit the hire of the hall to anyone under the age of 21 years. An older person making a booking on behalf of someone younger than 21 years old must be aware of the responsibilities for which they will be liable.

The hire to any casual hirer, user, group or individual is at the sole discretion in the first instance of the Booking Secretary. Regular hirers (those who currently use the hall on a regular basis where they are invoiced by the Treasurer) is at the discretion of the Booking Secretary and the Trustees.

"Deverell Hall" is a Registered Charity. Our UK based charity registration number is: 301924. The postal address for the hall is Deverell Hall, 84 London Road, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, PO7 5JU. The Deverell Hall Committee comprise of Trustees and a Management Committee. The Trustees decision is final in all matters.

ALL hirers (Regular or Casual) are responsible for ensuring compliance with these terms and conditions.


1.1 The Main Hall is limited to a maximum of 120 persons at any one event. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
1.2 The Upstairs Conference Room is limited to 30 persons at any one event.


2.1 Deverell Hall operates a strictly NO SMOKING rule which covers the whole of the premises, in line with the Smokefree Regulations introduced on 1st July 2007 by the Government.


3.1 Please check when leaving the Hall that all these doors are securely shut. You should be aware of the location of all the fire extinguishers.
3.2 You should appoint a responsible person who will make sure that all persons are safely evacuated in an emergency. It is suggested that you have a plan of action ready, and designate an ASSEMBLY POINT where everyone will meet in the event of a fire. This is normally at the front of the building!
3.3 The fire alarms are not to be tampered with unless it is a genuine emergency. If you wish to conduct any drills just shout FIRE. Obviously, with some groups, that may have hearing impaired members, this may be difficult and cause distress. Thus, it would be suggested, that at the very beginning of your meeting, it is made clear, that during that morning, afternoon etc., session, that there will be a fire drill, and to please not panic, but be alert in hearing the warning.
3.4 In the event of a fire you should dial 999 immediately. (Please read the fire drill located at the hall for further information on the procedures) The address of the hall is:



4.1 Please ensure all internal and especially external doors are shut and securely locked where necessary. Make sure all windows are shut when you have finished.
4.2 Fire Doors should not be wedged open at anytime, and should only be used as a means of escape, or for loading and unloading of equipment, and not as an "everyday exit".
4.3 Access to all fire and exit doors MUST be kept clear of obstructions at all times.
4.4 The security of the hall is vitally important and as such your group should make sure everything is secure before leaving.


5.1 Please read all operating instructions carefully. As the designated hirer it is the groups’ responsibility to ensure the safe operation of the stairlift chair. You should also designate a responsible person who will ensure the safe evacuation of the Upstairs Room in an emergency.
5.2 The stairlift is there for your assistance only. It is not to be abused and your group should take time to familiarise themselves with its safe operation.


6.1 Because the electrical system is fully modernised, it may be that an overload in electrical use causes the trip switches to go OFF. If this happens, you will find a DISTRIBUTION BOARD above the door leading into the MAIN HALL, and a DISTRIBUTION BOARD at the lower end of the MAIN HALL near the front lobby entrance. Click the appropriate switch to ON.


7.1 The notice boards, including the new one outside, are intended primarily for use by the groups using the hall. Advertisements will be placed here at the discretion of the Committee.
7.2 If you are not a regular user then you may ask for a space to advertise, but again this will be at the discretion of the Committee, and you may be subject to paying an advertising charge.


8.1 You should only use the room(s) allocated to you during your period of hire. The MAIN HALL GROUND FLOOR and the UPSTAIRS CONFERENCE ROOM are 2 independent areas of hire.
8.2 The Main Hall Ground Floor users have the rights to use the downstairs kitchen and toilets
8.3 The Upstairs Room hirers have a separate sink and toilet area at the bottom of the stairwell.
8.4 If you are found to be using other areas of the hall which is not included in your hire charge, you will be billed for using the additional rooms.
Example 1:
Your group hires the MAIN HALL. You can only access and use the GROUND FLOOR AREA of the hall. You have no right to use the toilet area at the rear of the hall where the BACK DOOR is, or the UPSTAIRS ROOM.
Example 2:
Your group hires the UPSTAIRS ROOM. You only have access to that room and the toilet leading off the bottom of the stairwell. You have no rights to use the Main Hall or any of the adjoining ground floor areas.
8.5 If you are hiring the MAIN HALL then you have no rights to use the Upstairs Room unless you are requesting the additional use of the room. If you do request the additional use of the room, and it is available, then you may be subject to additional charges for hiring that room too.


9.1 The car parking areas at the front and rear of the hall are for hall users ONLY. Any unauthorised parking is not permitted. Car Parking Restrictions are in place, and managed by Parking Manager Solutions. All vehicles parked here are at the owners’ risk. Deverell Hall accepts no liability for losses, theft or damage of vehicles in any case.
9.2 IMPORTANT: Please note that parking restrictions in Campbell Crescent are strictly enforced and under no circumstances are any of the driveways to be obstructed.
9.3 When leaving the Hall using the Rear Car Park, there is a strict 5 MPH limit in force, and you must give way as you enter Campbell Crescent.
9.4 Overnight, or non Hall use parking is not permitted, and vehicles left on the property Car Parking areas at the front or rear of the property is not allowed.
9.5 When using the front car parking area, users are requested NOT TO PARK VEHICLES ON THE GRASS AREA. Any vehicle found to be contravening these parking restrictions shown above, may be subject to Parking Charge Notices and fines issued by either Parking Manager Solutions, or local enforcement agencies (whichever may be applicable).


10.1 There have been some important changes to waste collection which ALL regular and casual hirers MUST observe. The hall under upcoming Government legislation has adopted a RECYCLING Policy which means that you CANNOT dispose of any GLASS, CANS or CARDBOARD materials in any of the Hall bins. These types of materials should be taken by each user group and disposed of by using current recycling facilities within the area.
10.2 We have to now comply with changes in Waste Management PreTreatment Laws. ANY users found not to be conforming will be in breach of the ReCycling Policy signed by Deverell Hall Committee members, and WILL be subject to additional charges above and beyond their current rates if we have to dispose of any of these materials.
10.3 Please note: This is a requirement beyond our control. We are signing this ReCycling Policy to avoid incurring additional charges made by the waste management company, in order to keep your hire charges lower. Please therefore respect this, and take the recycling materials with you when you leave the Hall.
10.4 ANY users found not to be conforming will be in breach of the ReCycling Policy signed by Deverell Hall Committee members, and WILL be subject to additional charges above and beyond their current rates if we have to dispose of any of these materials.
10.5 Please make sure any rubbish created by your group is properly disposed of in the waste bins provided. It should NOT be left scattered around the window sills, on the floor, on the stage or anywhere else APART from in the bins provided.
10.7 Anyone caught fly-tipping rubbish at the collection point, or anywhere within the boundary of the hall premises, may be subject to prosecution for illegal dumping. FLY TIPPING IS ILLEGAL.
10.8 Deverell Hall Committee will prosecute offenders where it has evidence pointing to those responsible for fly tipping. Anyone witnessing an incidence of fly-tipping, please contact us giving details such as registration number or name of company vehicle.


11.1 Please make sure all lights and toilet lights are OFF at the end of your hire period. DO NOT TURN OFF ANY SOCKET SWITCHES AT ALL.
11.2 Do not adjust the temperature controls on the toilet heaters. These should be left alone, and are preset to aid with frost protection only. These are not to be used as a means of heating the toilet areas to extreme temperatures.
11.3 On occasions the fridge switch has been turned off and the battery switch for the stairlift chair. THESE SOCKET SWITCHES SHOULD BE ON ALL THE TIME.
11.4 Please check ALL water taps are turned off.


12.1 These should be turned off by turning the circular knob back to the STAR (*) position at the end of your hire – There are pictures in the hall explaining how they work.
12.2 IMPORTANT: It is very important that you do make sure all lights and heaters are OFF. With the costs of electric and gas, it is essential that you make sure no heaters and lights are left on. We have found lights and heaters left on from the last hirer the day before, and this is unacceptable.
12.3 Your group may be subject to additional surcharges if this continues within your hiring period and will inevitably lead to higher price increases to offset the gas or electric costs of unwarranted usage.


13.1 Chewing gum is wrecking the hall floor and has also been found stuck to walls, door frames and window sills, which is not appropriate.


14.1 All tables and chairs should be stacked back in their areas properly and safely. The new folding tables should be stacked face to face in the slots provided. Please make sure you have cleaned the tables before leaving the hall.
14.2 They are NOT to be left leaning against walls or left where you placed them during your hire period, even if you think that another group may need to use them.
14.3 The blue padded chairs should be stacked NO HIGHER than 4 chairs per stack.
14.4 Please do not drag tables or chairs across the hall floor, there is a chair trolley at your disposal, and tables can be lifted with a person at each end.
14.5 These are not just matters of tidiness, but also for safety.


15.1 ALL cupboards are clearly marked for the hall users. Therefore please do not use what does not belong to you. There should be no reason for you to use other hall users’ crockery or cutlery but if you do, then please at least wash them up, dry and then return the items to the cupboard you took them from.
15.2 IN ALL CASES this kitchen should be left clean and tidy which means you should not leave any utensil to air dry in the washing rack. It is there for your convenience, it is not there because it is your home.
15.3 There is no HOT food preparation allowed in the kitchen.


16.1 NO alcohol can be sold on the premises. It may be consumed, but your group will still be fully responsible for the people there.


17.1 The stage is for the general use of ALL groups that wish to hire it. Consideration will be given to any theatrical hirers, but the stage remains part of the hall, and as such, can be included within the hire of the hall, and therefore must be kept as clear as possible.
17.2 Any props used by any theatrical groups must be stored safely at the rear of the stage, and should not prevent the stage from being used by other hirers.
17.3 Under NO circumstances must any props be fixed by nails, screws or fixings to the floor of the stage, which will cause any damages to the floor.
17.4 Causal hirers and parties have no automatic rights to use the stage. They must stipulate if this is a requirement before their hire period, and also, they should ensure that no children are allowed free access to any of the stage area.


18.1 It is the responsibility of each group to ensure the hall is left generally tidy and ready for the next hirer. They are not expected to clean the hall, but they should make sure that rubbish is not just left unnecessarily on window sills and floors.
18.2 Hirers should remember that other groups may be booked in to follow them, and it is not desirable for any group to have to tidy up before they start their hire! Tables and chairs should be put away.
18.3 Lights and heaters should be turned off, even if they know or think another group is coming in behind them. Heating or lighting an empty hall costs money and in the end this will drive up hirers charges. We all want to work hard to maintain the hall, the standards and the overall appearance of the hall.
18.4 It would be advisable to delegate a responsible person to check that the hall is securely locked, and that lights and taps are off, before leaving the premises.
18.5 This agreement should be read in conjunction with any other notices posted at the hall, all of which form part of the agreement. Also they should be aware of new notices posted which again supplement this agreement.


19.1 To assist the correct bookings it is important that all groups advise the Bookings Secretary of dates and times they require. Whilst it is appreciated that most groups have their set days and times, which these are automatically entered into the Bookings Diary, it is helpful if the hirers themselves confirm the arrangements. This will probably apply more to groups who will have certain dates they do not require, due to holidays etc.
19.2 REGULAR hirers will be given priority, but if you require additional dates not normally hired, then these are granted on a first come, first served basis. For your information, the Booking Year runs from 1st of January to the 31st December, and the next years dates are normally entered as early as July or August the previous year.
19.3 Bookings may be made by email or letter. General changes can be done over the telephone.
19.4 Please advise the Bookings Secretary promptly of any changes to your booking requirements so we can advise the Treasurer who produces your bills. Where possible, you should give at least 7 days notice if your group does not intend to use the hall at its normal booked time. If you do not, then it will be assumed you had the booking and your group will be charged for it.
19.5 If paying by cheque, you should be aware, that if the cheque is returned to us unpaid, that any bank charges incurred by us will be met by YOUR GROUP.
19.6 If any hirer is to be found using the hall at a time that they have not already Pre-Booked, then the Committee fully reserve the rights to issue a “penalty charge” equal to their normal hire charge PLUS 50%.
19.7 Charges for REGULAR HIRERS are reviewed annually by the Trustees. Generally speaking, historically rates for regular users only have changed every 3 to 4 years, and with an increase of anywhere between 2% and 5% of the session price currently being paid by the hirer. You will always be notified in advance of any changes in your payments due for the booking. Whilst it would be great to maintain the same charge forever, we all understand that electric, gas, water, heating and other costs are beyond our control.


20.1 Deverell Hall will take all reasonable precautions within its control to guarantee your continuation of your regular booking, and providing there are no serious issues, the booking should continue without problems.
20.2 If a situation should arise which is beyond Deverell Halls’ control that would affect your booking, then we accept no liability for this.
20.3 If the complete booking is cancelled by Deverell Hall or by your group, then we would expect a MINIMUM of 28 days notice of cancellation if your group is billed monthly, 56 Days if your group is billed 2 or 3 monthly.
20.4 Deverell Hall will give your group the same period of notice if we need to cancel the complete booking.
20.5 The only exception to Deverell Hall NOT providing your group with this period of notice, would be if a serious issue arose, which could not be resolved between your group and Deverell Hall, in which case this matter would then be dealt with by the Trustees, and their decision would be final.


21.1 As with casual hirers your group will be responsible for breakages and damages during your period of hire. As the hirer it is your responsibility to make sure your events are properly supervised and organised.
22.2 Any damages that exceed your hire charges, deposit paid or not paid will be legally and fully recoverable. We wish your hire to go successfully, but you will be held fully accountable for losses and damages during your period of hire, without exception.
22.3 These losses will also be subject to any administration charges that are incurred.
22.4 If any additional charges are required for cleaning and/or waste disposal, these will be considered as recoverable damages.


22.1 All the information provided to us is treated in strict confidence, and will only be used by us in connection with your booking.
22.2 At no time are any of your details passed onto any third parties.
22.3 If you wish to know what information we have retained, then you must pay a fee of £10.00 to have this information provided to you. We will not give you details that we hold about you unless you
(a) Have provided adequate written proof of who you are
(b) Your request must be made in writing
(c) Paid the processing fee to receive these details
22.4 We strictly follow the guidelines and legal obligations as laid down by the Information Commissioners Office in order to safeguard and protect this data, and have implemented the required changes in line with the GDPR which became law on 25th May 2018.


23.1 This agreement is to bring to you and your groups attention, the Terms & Conditions of your hire. It helps to clarify important points that all hirers should be aware of, and some changes in law, that now affect Deverell Hall.
23.2 You should bring the contents of this agreement and form to the attention all of your groups’ members who use the hall, and anyone within your groups’ structure that is a designated key holder(s).
23.3 It replaces any former agreements or paperwork that you may have signed previously.
23.4 Your agreement is between your group and Deverell Hall, even if a new Bookings Secretary is appointed.
23.5 This agreement remains in force until such time as it may be amended by Deverell Hall, in which case your group will be notified of any changes, or until your group cease to use Deverell Hall. Please also take note of any notices that are displayed in the hall, as these form part of this agreement.
23.6 If you have any problems or issues that you wish to raise regarding your groups’ hire of Deverell Hall, you should in the first instance, contact the current Bookings Secretary. If you feel then that the matter has not been resolved, you can ask for it to be discussed at a Committee Meeting. If the matter remains unresolved at this stage, then you should send a written letter to the Trustees, and this letter should be addressed to the current Secretary of the Deverell Hall.
23.7 These Terms and Conditions also include the Legal Policy, Privacy Policy and CCTV Policy as outlined on the website.
Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be announced on the Deverell Hall web site, or by letter. Failure to receive notification of a change does not make those changes invalid. Current copies of the Terms and Conditions of hire will be available on our website at:

Addendum Notes

Below are the addendum notes, which contain additional specifications and updated information in regards to your agreement at Deverell Hall. Any additional information included within this addendum still forms part of your contract agreement at Deverell Hall as outlined above. These notes will have been added as and when we have identified potential issues, or been made aware of problems that have come about after many years of hiring the hall. Addendum Notes begin at item number 26.


26.1 Your time of hire (i.e. Start time and Finish time) is your actual Hire Period.
26.2 You may not use the hall(s) outside of your agreed time slots. If you do, you may incur additional charges above and beyond your hire period.
26.3 You must notify the Bookings Secretary if you require additional time for setting up, or clearing down. This time falls within your hire period, therefore please make sure that you have requested the correct time to start and finish.
26.4 You must not access the hall at anytime outside of your agreed hire periods. If you need to access the hall for any reason outside of your hire period, you must request permission or notify the Bookings Secretary for legal and safety reasons


27.1 We reserve the right to collect information from you when you complete our online contact forms, such as registering your IP Address, browser details, and originating page information. This is done as a security measure to protect our online forms from potential spam and abuse.

28. OUTSIDE AREAS (Preschool Play Area at rear of car park):

28.1 There is strictly NO ACCESS to this outside play area by any hirer or group. The Play Area is for the sole use of the Deverell Hall Preschool children when in attendance and under supervision of the Deverell Hall Preschool Teaching Staff.

29. MAIN HALL (Wooden Floor):

29.1 Our Main Hall floor area uses a sprung floor (or floating floor) which is maintained for multipurpose activities. However, because there is no combined safety standard applicable to multiple situations, such as children using the hall, playing, elderly users, sports or dance, it is up to each user group to make sure that they take care when using the Main Hall. Whilst the Main Hall floor is protected with a non slip polish, by its very nature of being wooden, we cannot guarantee that the floor will not feel slippery during 'certain activities'.
29.2 Neither the hall, its staff nor the Trustees can accept any liability for personal accidents involving slips, trips or falls, when using the Main Hall for activities that the hall was not primarily designed to cater for.
29.3 It should be noted that Deverell Hall is a community village hall and therefore the Main Hall floor was never designed to solely provide the optimum surface for any one particular activity.


30.1 Deverell Hall operates a strict safeguarding policy when it comes to choosing and selecting an Inflatable Hire Company to provide equipment for your event(s). ANY BOUNCY CASTLE SUPPLIER MUST DEMONSTRATE THEIR LEGAL STANDING AND INSURANCE STATUS before they can operate at the hall. IF YOUR SUPPLIER IS NOT ONE of these listed below, then you need to ask them to contact us and submit their relevant paperwork for our consideration. Taking into account parent feedback comments, and having spoken with the following companies, we have presented the following bouncy hire companies for your consideration. These companies have provided many inflatables and soft play equipment hire to parents previously using Deverell Hall. They are also aware of any height restrictions, and know which inflatables will fit inside the MAIN HALL. They have also sent in documentation to us showing their legal standing and insurance status.
Listings of any business and/or service on this website does not constitute a recommendation by Deverell Hall, the Trustees and/or the Management Committee Team.

Tiny Tumble Party Hire local Waterlooville based company -

Visit Tiny Tumble Party Hire to find out more.

Little Moore Play local Waterlooville based company -

Visit Little Moore Play to find out more.

Jumping Jacks UK who are a local West Sussex company -

Visit Jumping Jacks to find out more.

30.2 Heights and width dimensions are given in good faith, but any hirer would be responsible to clarify the measurements themselves with any Bouncy Castle Provider, or if a Bouncy Castle Provider wanted to be considered for referral by Deverell Hall, then they would need to check and clarify clearances and allowances themselves before we would be able to recommend their services to parents and future hirers. Deverell Hall will accept no liability whatsover for Bouncy Castles or soft play equipment hired by users, who later may realise that the equipment supplied to them does not fit inside the MAIN HALL or any other part of the building or car park areas. Furthermore any provider MUST supply us with their relevant insurances and documentation before the event takes place.
30.3.1 The overall accessible length of the hall is calculated from the front of the stage area, running towards the front of the building. It allows for chairs and fixtures at the front of the building to REMAIN IN PLACE. Recommended MAXIMUM LENGTH OF ANY inflatable would be 7 Metres (21ft) - this allows room at either end for safety reasons, and gives clear access to fire escapes in the event of an emergency evacuation.
30.4.1 The overall accesible width of the hall is calculated from side wall to side wall. Recommended MAXIMUM WIDTH OF ANY inflatable would be 4 Metres (13ft).
30.5.1 Whilst the hall has a high pitching roof, we do have lights suspended on chains which hang down! From the stage area, there is a height floor to lights MAXIMUM 3 Metres (9ft). The MAXIMUM HEIGHT of ANY inflatable positioned inside the MAIN HALL should NOT EXCEED 2.4 Metres (8ft).


31.1 Where possible we endeavour to schedule in essential maintenance, services and repairs outside of hirer hours. HOWEVER, due to the hall being very busy, there will be times when we need to carry out services or inspections during a hire period of any user. NO HIRER has the right to turn away or refuse entry for any works required during normal operating hours, regardless of any possible impact on their hire period.


32.1 There are times when other hirers may have (or think they have) issues with other groups or hirers. If this might be the case then it is not permissable for them to complain to the other hirer, or group concerned. The hall is for everyones benefit, and it is owned by Deverell Hall and not by any one group or user. If you have an issue with something, then send your complaint by email or using our online contact form. Any verbal abuse by one hirer to another reported to us will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and may lead to your hire being terminated.

33. Staying Safe In - a COVID WORLD

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - Finding A Way Forward:

*Last Updated 25th August 2020 - This section is subject to change and the final decision of the Trustees of Deverell Hall.

We have completed the early stages of a phased re-opening of Deverell Hall. For the hall to fully re-open safely, we have looked at various risks, potential issues, and mitigating circumstances in order to arrive at what we believe to be a thorough proactive draft risk assessment (in addition to our current risk assessment documents). When using the Hall, we ask that you follow all the published health and hygiene guidelines as displayed in the entranceway of the building. In particular we recommend that you and your attendees wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water on arrival and departure.

As a responsible Hall Committee, we have looked at, and put in place, 4 key points of the Covid-19 Secure Guidelines Policy. These are -

33.1.1 Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell: ANYONE who has symptoms of Coronavirus, or are self-isolating due to symptoms in their household, should NOT attend meetings or events at Deverell Hall. The same applies to hall cleaners or volunteers;
33.1.2 Clean your hands often: Sanitiser should be provided at entry and exit points, sanitiser and/or running water,soap and paper towels in toilets and kitchens;
33.1.3 Respiratory hygiene (catch it, bin it, kill it): Everyone needs to be encouraged to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose. Hand tissues should be provided, and then put into a disposable rubbish bag, then hands cleaned. Posters are on display;
33.1.4 Regular cleaning of surfaces that are touched frequently: including door handles, handrails, tabletops, play equipment, toys, electronic devices (for example) phones, keyboards, sinks, toilet areas, kitchen surfaces. Ordinary domestic products can be used. Use of toys which are difficult to clean should be avoided.

In order to minimise possible transmission risks associated with groups and hirers returning to use the premises, we have taken the following precautions -

(33.2.1) Daily cleaning of all surfaces, toilets, sinks and door handles where people are likely to touch these items frequently (IN PLACE ALREADY). Each group using the hall may then be required to meet their own specific additional cleaning needs - for example Preschools may have to ensure frequent sanitisation of surfaces during their opening times, and in these cases, it will be each groups own responsibility to meet additional expectations, not the halls;
(33.2.2) Safety signs and notices are in place on entry points, doors and walls as necessary. ALL USERS must observe the notices and act in accordance with the instructions of keeping everyone safe;
(33.2.3) Hand sanitisers soaps are in place in all toilet and kitchen areas (as they were previously), paper towels for drying hands are in place already. Linen hand towels, linen kitchen towels have all been removed. Users are requested NOT to leave any linen towels/hand towels in the kitchen area as these will be disposed of without notice or warning;
(33.2.4) Surgical gloves or PPE worn by any persons using the building MUST BE TAKEN AWAY with you, and not disposed of in any of the waste bins, in or out of the building. If any group is found to be leaving PPE or gloves in waste-bins they will be subject to any "disposal fees" of such items, which could be substantial as it would be deemed as 'clinical waste'.

To minimise risk of transmission, and until such time as Government Policy may change, the following rules need to be adhered to -

(33.2.5) Only approved users and members of those groups are allowed into the building with the exception of the following -
(33.2.6) Groups who are open to the General Public will ultimately be responsible themselves for ensuring that social distancing, safeguarding and hygiene measures are being complied with;
(33.2.7) Preschool parents and/or carers, will now need to wait outside the building for preschool teachers to bring children to them. Parents are requested not to enter the building, and they will need to remain outside the building at drop-off and pick-up collection times until further notice (unless by prior appointment with the Preschool Manager);
33.2.8 Any person suffering with a cold, cough or exhibiting additional symptoms that might indicate Covid-19 infection should not use the hall.

In line with Government thinking "Test, Track and Trace" Coronavirus Strategy, Deverell Hall are asking every Group to provide their own Visitor Sign In Book which they should ask all people attending their meeting to sign-in on arrival. Name and a contact phone number is suffice, and a A5 Pad or Notebook would be a reasonable suggestion to use. By doing this, if for example a group had a reported incident of Coronavirus it would be easier then to contact people and advise them to the best course of action.

Inside the hallway of the MAIN ENTRANCE, and the REAR ENTRANCE, we have installed Hand Sanitiser Dispensers for people to use. Hand sanitiser pump bottles have also been placed near both entry points.

It's going to be difficult to control the point of entry but each group will be responsible for ensuring safety of their members.

Once inside the building, and because of the varied use of the hall, application of floor stickers, line markings, one way signs etc would be impractical for the hall to do. Therefore we are seeking common-sense from all people using the hall. Here are some examples -

33.6.1 Avoid congregating in the entranceways. We are leaving some chairs in place in the entranceway, but relying on you to be sensible;
33.6.2 Try to maintain social distancing, and whilst it is against our human nature, do not shake hands or embrace each other;
33.6.3 If you use tables and/or chairs please wipe these clean with sanitisers, tissue or disposable cloths;
33.6.4 LOCKED CUPBOARDS - in the kitchen various groups have locked cupboards. We must ask you now to clear and clean these out immediately upon your return to the building. Dispose of any out of date food items. If cupboards are NOT cleaned regularly by the groups concerned, then we may have to remove ALL LOCKS and chains on the kitchen cupboards so they can be routinely inspected for safety and hygiene.


34.1 A Public Access Defibrillator (otherwise also known as PAD or CPAD) has been activated and mounted on on the outside wall at the front of the building in a locked cabinet. This device can be accessed 24/7 by anyone in the vacinity who requires life-saving treatment. In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, you would always call 999. The South East Ambulance Services will if necessary, direct you to the nearest accessible defibrillator. ONLY THEY CAN GIVE YOU THE ACCESS CODE REQUIRED for the locked cabinet, and you will be guided by the team who answer your 999 call. You can find out more about the defibrillator by visitng the link provided.

Queries - about your Booking Terms

If you have a query about any aspect of the Booking Terms in whole or part of it, or would like clarification on some point of this agreement, we ask that you contact Trace our Secretary by email.

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What's Happening

At Deverell Hall in Purbrook we host a wide range of regular groups who use the facilities. Here are just a selection of just a few of them.