First Time Hirer

First Time Hiring Deverell Hall

When you first may contact us about a bookings enquiry, we check first to see if the date and times that you have requested are available. Even though we have a online bookings diary this may be subject to changes and so we need to check to see if the date you would like is actually free. If it is, and we can take the booking we will contact you with more information and give you a price based on your request.

Check Diary

What happens after you have contacted me?

If you are happy to proceed with the booking on the agreed terms and conditions of hire, then we will send you a Bookings Form (usually via email), but if not through the post. You need to check through the bookings form and make sure that we have all the details right, and if not, let us know straight away. If everything is in order, then the information on the bookings form will explain what to pay and when. All cheques must be made payable to:
Deverell Hall Committee and sent to the address shown on the forms.

At the time of booking you will be asked to pay usually 50% of your overall hire charge. This may be considered as your initial deposit payment to confirm that we can reserve the date and times that you wish to book. Usually as soon as you confirm that the dates are correct we enter them into our diary on the computer, and until we receive payment, they may not show on the online diary.

14 days prior to your booking

At least 14 days prior to your actual date booked, you will have to pay the remaining 50%, and if required, a £65 Security/Damages deposit on a separate cheque. If we do not receive these payments on time, you may be asked then to pay by cash before your booking will go ahead.

A day or two before the date booked

A day or two before the actual date booked, we will be in touch again to discuss the access arrangements with you, and explain more about this at that time.

Security / Damages Deposit Payment

All users may be asked to make a separate payment of £65.00 for what we term a RETURNABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT. You would put this payment on a separate cheque (again making it payable to Deverell Hall Committee), and send it along with your final remaining payment for the actual booking. The security deposit payment is not banked by us unless there has been a major problem with your booking, and as soon as the hall is "checked out" by ourselves, this cheque would then be cross shredded for security and you would be notified that the cheque has been destroyed.

I don't want my personal details put up on the online diary

Don't worry - we do not put any personal information about you online (unless you specifically request us to). For example, if a hirer wants a party booking, then the only information that will appear on the online dairy will be:
MAIN HALL Private Function
and the time from and to.

What's Happening

At Deverell Hall in Purbrook we host a wide range of regular groups who use the facilities. Here are just a selection of just a few of them.