First Time Hirer

First Time Hiring Deverell Hall

When you contact Deverell Hall about a bookings enquiry, we will ask you to confirm your details such as your address, contact phone number etc. We will also check with you what date and times you wanted. We will ask you about the type of hire you function you plan to hold at the hall. This is quite common, and helps us to get the right information to you. On this page we have outlined the procedures we follow and it answers most of the most typical questions hirers ask us in an email.

ALL THE INFORMATION YOU GIVE US is treated in strict confidence. We do not share your details with anyone else, and only use the information given in connection with your booking. We cannot deal with anyone else other than yourself as you will be considered the LEAD HIRER.

We send you an email with the price

We will send you a price based on our hire charges and these may vary according to what type of hire it is, whether it is a weekend or weekday, a party or an event. We do not publish our prices online because there are so many variables, but you will know what the charge will be before you proceed with a formal booking.

We mark the booking as PROVISIONAL

On our computerised diary here, we mark the date/time requested as a PROVISIONAL BOOKING by yourself. We get lots of enquiries all the time, and you will be surprised how many people ask for the same date in a year! We do NOT show provisonal bookings online, so at this stage other people can and do contact us about the same day for their own booking needs. To avoid possible disappointment, we suggest that if you wish to confirm the booking with us, that you do so quite promptly.

We do our utmost to ensure that as many hirers can get a chance at hiring the hall, but it is a FIRST COME first served basis.

I have confirmed the booking - what happens next?

If you have confirmed you wish to book the hall, then we send you a Booking Agreement Form on a separate email. On this form we will have outlined your name, address, date and times you have requested. The price will be shown on the form and in the email, and you will be required to pay 50% of the total hire charge to secure your booking. Once this payment is received, then the booking will be considered as SECURED.

If you would like to view our Booking Terms and Conditions click here. This will open a NEW WINDOW on your browser or mobile device.

How do I pay?

On the Booking Agreement Form, and in the email is our bank account details. You would then login to your own banking app or online bank account, and send a payment using Faster Payments. Once you have sent the payment let the Bookings Secretary know, and as soon as we can we will confirm safe receipt of the payment with you.

As soon as your initial payment has been received

As soon as your inital payment has been received, or you have confirmed you do wish to proceed with the booking, the online bookings diary will be updated to show that you have booked the date and times concerned.

Don't worry - we do not put any personal information about you online (unless you specifically request us to). For example, if a hirer wants a party booking, then the only information that will appear through the online dairy will be:
MAIN HALL Private Function 2nd Birthday Party for example showing the start and end time of the hire period itself.

At least 14 days BEFORE the date your event is booked in for

At least 14 days prior to your actual date booked, you will have to pay the remaining 50% (unless you already paid the full amount at the time of booking).

A day or two before your date booked

A day or two before the actual date booked, we will be in touch again to discuss the access arrangements with you, and explain more about this at that time.

Security Damages - Payment

For 99% of the hirers we do not charge a separate security damages payment, BUT if there is a problem or damages, then we will look at recovering any additional costs if this was the case. We are pleased to say that "touch wood" over 25 years of me doing this, there have been only a few problems and when it happened, the parents/hirers were very decent helping us to resolve the issues.

What's Happening

At Deverell Hall in Purbrook we host a wide range of regular groups who use the facilities. Here are just a selection of just a few of them.