Fees & Payments

Fees & Payments

Deverell Hall does not actually publish a list of prices for hiring the hall, but we can confirm prices upon booking requests. Our late fees and damage policies are clearly stated on the booking forms that will be sent to you, but broadly speaking, the procedures are as shown below.

When you apply for a booking

When you first may contact us about a bookings enquiry, we check first to see if the date and times that you have requested are available. Even though we have a online bookings diary this may be subject to changes and so we need to check to see if the date you would like is actually free. If it is, and we can take the booking we will contact you with more information and give you a price based on your request.

Next we will...

if you agree with the costing submitted to you, send you a Bookings Form (usually by email) but if not by postal service. You need to check through the bookings form and make sure that we have the details right, and if not, let us know. If everything is in order, then the information on the bookings form will explain what to pay and when. All cheques must be made payable to:
Deverell Hall Committee and sent to the address shown on the forms.

At the time of booking you will be asked to pay usually 50% of your overall hire charge. This may be considered as your initial deposit payment to confirm that we can reserve the date and times that you wish to book. Usually as soon as you confirm that the dates are correct we enter them into our diary, and until we receive payment, they may show as provisional bookings.

14 days prior to your booking

At least 14 days prior to your actual date booked, you will have to pay the remaining 50%, and if required, a £65 Security/Damages deposit on a separate cheque. If we do not receive these payments on time, you may be asked then to pay by cash before your booking will go ahead.

If payments are not made on time...

or if cheque payments are returned to us as unpaid, then we fully reserve the right to add administration costs, and any bank charges that we may incur as a result of this. You will be legally liable for any administration costs of returned cheques, so we do encourage you to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cheque payment.

The £65 Security/Damages payment will be returned to you after the hall has been checked for damages, unless there have been damages, in which case any repair costs will be met by the hirer, and if these costs are more than your damages payment cover, then we will seek to recover the additional monies owed by you for any damages caused.
Whether you are asked to pay a Security/Damages deposit or not, the same conditions apply to your hire of the hall.

A few days prior to your booking...

We will contact you to confirm arrangements for you having entry to the hall on your date requested.

For more information about this

Please read check our FAQ Section which covers additional topics that help to explain anything that you may need to know.

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