Organisation of the Hall

Who manages Deverell Hall

Deverell Hall is managed and run by a group of volunteers who give up their time and energy to oversee the smooth operation of the hall and its facilities. A board of Trustees and a Management Committee all work together to make sure that the hall functions and works correctly. The hall is entirely self funding, and even though we are a registered charity, the hall does not receive any public funding whatsoever.

Deverell Hall Trustees

The Deverell Hall Trustees are made up of a group of volunteers who have the responsibility of overseeing the entire hall. They make sure that the financial standing and decisions of the hall do not adversely affect how the hall is run or maintained.


The Chairperson (Brian) presides over the Committee, Trustee and AGM Meetings. He signs off the minutes of the meetings, and also deals with issues that require special letters to be sent out.


The Secretary (Tracey) will record the minutes of the meetings, and has the responsibility of writing up and recording the discussions that take place during the Committee and AGM Meetings. The minutes are only available to users of the hall.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer (Brian) sends out any invoices for regular groups and bookings. He oversees the banking and financial issues for Deverell Hall, and was instrumental in obtaining the National Lottery Grant back in 2003.

Bookings Secretary

The Bookings Secretary (Doug) looks after the day to day bookings and enquiries for Deverell Hall. He oversees and manages the diary and the booking requests, and keeps the website updated with changes and additions.

Management Committee

The Deverell Hall Committee is furthermore made up from other volunteers (Committee Members) and hall users who give up their time voluntarily to attend meetings, and submit suggestions, and help when necessary. These hall users not only can raise issues of concern but also offer valuable input and help when managing the hall for the benefit of all users.

Deverell Hall is a registered charity

The hall is self funding which means that we receive no State or local Government support by way of money. We are a registered charity and operate within the guidelines and principles of charity organisations. Our registered charity number is: 301924.

News & Announcements

Check to see if the hall may be available for hire

You can see inside the hall and take a look at some of the features and benefits it has to offer. If you would like to make a bookings enquiry, you are most welcome to contact us. To see what availability there may be at the time you are thinking about, please check our online diary which should show you if the hall may be free at the time you would like to hire it.

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What's Happening

At Deverell Hall in Purbrook we host a wide range of regular groups who use the facilities. Here are just a selection of just a few of them.