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Help, Information and FAQ's - Deverell Hall

This page on the Deverell Hall website offers various links to useful help and information about hiring Deverell Hall. The community hall building offers a wide range of suitability for different needs and has friendly disabled access options available too.

Detailed Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Deverell Hall Bookings have tried to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and help notes designed to give you as much information as possible. If there is anything that you are unsure about please contact us to discuss your question if it is not already listed on our Help and FAQ Section.


First time hirers

If you have never hired Deverell before we have a page dealing with the most frequently asked questions which should be able to help you. Our first time hiring Deverell Hall page outlines how the procedures work, and our Help and FAQ sections tell you more about the way your booking will be handled.

Never used the hall before

Groups and current users

On this page you can see at a quick glance the regular hall users and what times and which parts of the hall are in use. We do have availability for regular hirers, but please look at the current listing on this page and you will be better informed.

Current Users at the Hall

Late Fees and Payments

When you first may contact us about a bookings enquiry, we check first to see if the date and times that you have requested are available. Even though we have a online bookings diary this may be subject to changes and so we need to check to see if the date you would like is actually free. If it is, and we can take the booking we will contact you with more information and give you a price based on your request. This page here explains about payments, when to make them and the procedures involved.

Fees & Charges

About Us

Deverell Hall in Purbrook is a local community building that caters for regular and casual hirers who require facilities to organise and put on events.

The hall is entirely self funding, and is one of the most popular local halls in the area. It is managed solely by volunteers who give up their time to allow others to benefit.

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Deverell Hall
84 London Road, Purbrook,
Waterlooville, PO7 5LU
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