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Community Hall, London Road, Purbrook

Located in Purbrook, Deverell Hall is one of the few remaining community halls left in the local area. Deverell Hall features many refurbishments, some of these having being paid for by a National Lottery Grant and Local Council Funding. Since those times, the hall has continued to grow and develop, making it very popular for bookings and activities.

Deverell Hall was built in the 1920's. Since its original construction, much has been done to improve its overall appearance.

The hall has been mostly modernised but still retains its outstanding character. To find out more about the hall, how it is managed and looked after, click here.

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You can see inside the hall and take a look at some of the features and benefits it has to offer. If you would like to make a bookings enquiry, you are most welcome to contact us. To see what availability there may be at the time you are thinking about, please check our online diary which should show you if the hall may be free at the time you would like to hire it.

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About Us

Deverell Hall in Purbrook is a local community building that caters for regular and casual hirers who require facilities to organise and put on events.

The hall is entirely self funding, and is one of the most popular local halls in the area. It is managed solely by volunteers who give up their time to allow others to benefit.

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Deverell Hall
84 London Road, Purbrook,
Waterlooville, PO7 5LU
Call Us on:
T: 0330 223 2953